The division Robot Protect is mainly concerned with protection of robots and machines. That is why we put the greatest effort into this field. The whole process prior to ordering of the first cover begins with personal meeting with our clients who show us the robot which is to be covered. As soon as we measure it we let the clients choose from several materials and assist them to select the best one for their purpose. While we are developing and producing the cover itself we keep in mind a few factors like effectivity, functionality and last but not least visual aspect and design. It is simple…we, people, would not like to work naked in polluted environment.

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Who we are?

As Robot Protect, s.r.o. we pursue the development and manual manufacturing of covers for machines and robots.


For our production we use the highest-quality materials, which are carefully selected, and consequently we let the customer make the final choice. We put a lot of emphasis not only on materials but also on the high quality of manufacturing. All our products are hand-sewn by our qualified employees. That is how we guarantee 100% of the production in the Czech Republic.


We supply not only machinery and automotive industries but also food and medical industries with our products. We always mind the fact that the machine covers, protective clothes and accessories must be made of functional materials and people must feel comfortable working in them.


Do we not offer the product you demand? It is no problem. Turn to us. We will be glad to make it. We also pursue custom-tailored production and we dare to accept the most complicated challenges.

Our products

Robot covers

01 Varnishing robots

Nowadays using robots on the varnishing lines is considered to be indispensable help in many companies. The process is much faster and safer thanks to automatization. Nevertheless, what can happen is that the robots are worn out and clogged up with paint. That is the reason why we cover the devices with protective covers which do not prevent the robots from working and make their lifespan longer. Companies commend great economy of the treatment which postpones buying a new machine and replacing the old one. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and cleaning which are very expensive indeed.

02 Grinding machines

as far as grinding machines are concerned, discs and other devices´ protection is much more than added value and a great plus. Cleaning is normally done at the beginning of every shift when employees must collect, sweep or vacuum clean the sawdust, abrasive paste and splinters which also pollute the environment. There is a great potential here to extend the lifespan of the machines and make the maintenance faster and easier. Only materials which can cover well but at the same time let sufficient amount of air through are used in such cases not to cause overheating of engines built inside the robots.

03 Machining / Welding

High temperatures above the limit up to 1200°C. Here we excel with a wide range of refractory materials, which we further refine for greater durability.

04 Manual robots

We have encountered opinions stating that robots working on clean lines do not necessarily need any covers. But after a year of continuous operation even the owner is surprised how much dust, dirt and how many particles from the air are accumulated inside the device whose functionality is deteriorated or even made impossible.

05 Robots with chemical agents

Working with chemical substances does not necessarily have to jeopardize the person´s as well as the robot´s life. Thanks to proper research of the chemical substances and choice of appropriate material we are able to make a perfect cover which cannot be corroded so easily. And how can a person work in such environment? Well, …. we will make clothes for you too!

06 Covers and coats for machines

to cover, shelter and store machines in warehouses, next to the line or somewhere at a roofed place. Even in this field we stand out with individual approach to every individual cover. Either pallets with material, personal cars, parts (wheels, steering wheel, seats etc.), machines, furniture, electric devices or different objects of smaller size – we can cover and protect everything.







Our work

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Robots with chemical preparations

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